The John Close Songbook
The John Close Songbook

The Performers

First an apology to all who worked with John over the years and have not been invited to participate in this evening. It has been difficult enough coordinating those who stepped forward early in the venture and frankly any more and I suspect the whole thing will crumble like a pack of cards made of sand on a tightrope.

However, Volume Three is on the horizon and it would be nice if that contained different performers to go with the different era of songs - so if you are an aggrieved artiste we apologise and ask you not to bear a grudge but to step forward for the next evening. So who do we have this time around?

The House Band - 'Close Friends'

The original concept was to organise a concert, along the lines of the successful ( well we thought so ) New Country evening held during 2002's Stony Live week. The essence of that was a core 'House' band of musicians and singers who practiced diligently to achieve such quality as they were capable of - with a number of guest singers drawn from local vocal talents. With that in mind, Close Friends are... 
  • Roddy Clenaghan - Vocals 
  • Sue Gray - Vocals 
  • Ian Anderson - Vocals & bass guitar
  • Chris Jewell - Fiddle, melodeon, acoustic guitar
  • Paul Baker - Keyboards
  • Peter Grove - Electric and acoustic guitar, mandola
  • Phil Paterson - Percussion

Guest Vocalists

  • The Bow Belles - Lesley Close, Margaret Whellams & Peggy Allin
  • Sue Malleson 
  • Henny Preston 
  • Malcolm Jones