The John Close Songbook
The John Close Songbook


Welcome to the website of the gig of the celebration of the life of my brother, John Close!

John died on 26th May 2003 by assisted suicide having had Motor Neurone Disease (MND) since at least 2000. From the early 1970s until shortly before his death he was a prolific songwriter. Up to the time of diagnosis in March 2001 he played and sang in many bands and duets as well as performing solo, usually with his guitar. In April 2002 there was a gig (The John Close Song Book Volume 1) at the Fox and Hounds in Stony Stratford where many of John’s songs were performed by his friends, most of whom are taking part in this second event (The JCSB Volume 2). I have even heard rumours of plans for a third evening: do you see what I mean by ‘prolific’!

Before John died he asked that another concert should be arranged: like the first one, this second event will raise money for research into MND. This appalling condition robbed John of everything that he enjoyed including, ultimately, the ability to create music. Throughout his thirty years of writing, he produced a wide range of songs and instrumentals, some funny, some sad and a lot of them romantic: he loved a good tune and an interesting chord sequence.

John enjoyed life right up to the end: he really appreciated it when others performed his material and he hoped that people would go on doing so long after his death. Come along to the concert, judge the songs for yourself and go home humming one of them – John would be so pleased!

John’s surviving family, his mother and older sister as well as me, would like to thank everyone taking part for the huge amount of work needed to make this concert possible. We look forward to seeing you on the night.

Lesley Close

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