The John Close Songbook
The John Close Songbook

The Event

This site has been created primarily to keep both the public and the participants informed about a forthcoming event which will celebrate some of John's songs. Some of you may remember an earlier event organised by Kevin Cranfield, Sue Malleson and Roddy Clenaghan and held in early 2002 at the Fox & Hounds in Stony Stratford. This event was titled 'The John Close Song Book - Volume One'. Although confined to a wheelchair, John was able to attend this event with obvious relish.

The 'Volume One' in the title of the first evening implied that more were to come. So we have picked up the baton from Kevin and instigated a second event which, in a spirit of mathematical compliance, we planned to call 'Volume Two'. However, while sifting through possible material for the evening it was apparent that there were far too many great songs to cram into one night. So - we plan a Volume Three ( how original ) in 2004 and have borrowed from the Star Wars credits and sub-titled the forthcoming Volume Two, 'Early Days' - still with us? As the sub-title implies Volume Two will contain earlier material - up to around 1985-ish. In a blindly intuitive leap you will guess that Volume Three will contain later material. 

The evening is intended to be more of a concert that an 'open session' evening - we have gathered together a small band of excellent local musicians and singers to perform a selection of his earlier songs. We are aware that John worked with many musicians over the years who may feel that they would like to participate, but we felt that the 'concert' approach and the amount of regular rehearsal required necessitated a concise group of performers on this occasion.  

Enough of all this pre-amble - where and when? Well,  the where will be... 

The Marquee Suite, The Cock Hotel, Stony Stratford 

...and the when will be a Sunday 30th. of November 2003. Doors will open from 7.30pm-ish - the evening will kick off at 8.30 and draw to a rapturous conclusion at 11. You can find more about the evening on other pages on this site...


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