The John Close Songbook
The John Close Songbook

CD Sales

We have a number of CDs of John's songs for sale, all of which proved popular on the night and added over £400 to the £1500 total raised for MNDA. CD prices are £10 each. If you would like to purchase one or more CDs please contact us via or call 01234 713104. Payment would be by cheque made payable to me ( P. Grove )  which would be passed on to MNDA minus post and packaging costs and any further duplication costs. 

Early Days

Recorded prior to the event at Audiolab in Buckingham, a selection of the songs performed on the night by the “Close Friends” band. The CD was recorded in three days and mixed in two so don't expect Phil Spectre wall-to-wall sound - but we all thought the end result was great given the time constraints. In my humble opinion it's worth the purchase just for Sue's Smile For Me Angel ( no disrespect guys! )

Title - Main Vocal
Keep In Touch - Ian Anderson
Dreamland – Roddy Clenaghan
Black Eyed Country Girl - Ian Anderson
Smile For Me Angel - Sue Gray
Threw It All Away - Roddy Clenaghan
Waiting In The Night - Sue Gray
Giving It All Back - Ian Anderson
Love Had It’s Day - Roddy Clenaghan
Early Days – Sue Gray
Another Day Without You - Roddy Clenaghan
Love You So - Ian Anderson
The Love We Deserve - Sue Gray

Close To Close with Henny Preston 

This comprises all the songs from Henny & John's  “Trust in Me” album plus three extra tracks. Mostly sung by Henny with John on backing vocals and accompaniment. The last three songs are not quite so sharp as they were copied from a cassette that had been played many times

Title - Main Vocal
Someday we’ll be together - Henny 
A song like yours - Henny
Keep your own sweet way - John
Talk to me - Henny
Trust in me - Henny
The dark hill - John ( Instrumental )
Hearts - John
The one that holds my heart - Henny
Sometimes I want to run away - Henny
Star on the horizon - John
Don’t lean too hard on love - Henny
Give my heart to you - Henny
The sun comes out - Henny
Only time - Henny
Love had it’s day - Henny

Live At The Black Horse

Contains tracks sung by John, unceremoniously lifted from an earlier recording by John and others, recorded live at the Black Horse. Not a studio quality recording but includes many of John’s comic classics as well as songs much played by local musicians.

Annie Came From California
Fell Off The Back Of A Lorry
Going To Paris
It’s he Drink
Let’s Call It Love
Sad Times
Someone Wonderful
The One That Holds My Heart
The Thirties
This Is Our World 

A Life Without Dogs  

A collection of some of the better quality recordings we could find of John performing some of his earlier material with acoustic guitar or piano self-accompaniment.


Clock On The Wall
A Song Like Yours
Right Or Wrong
Sometimes Runaway
The Sun Comes Out
Springtime In Your Heart
Elusive Love
Here Comes That Girl Again


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