The John Close Songbook
The John Close Songbook

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This site has been developed and is maintained by Pete & Di Grove. To put us in context, we first met  John in 1971 through a mutual school-friend and he and I ( Pete ) spent from then untill 1975 sharing flats and houses in London, playing as a duo in clubs and pubs with my ( now ) wife Di as our faithful companion. 

In 1975 we marred ( that's me & Di - not me and John - we were just friends OK ) and moved to Milton Keynes and shared a house with John in Fullers Slade while playing pubs and working men's clubs as a dodgy trio called Flight ( JC referred to it as Shite ). After a period as a duo again playing the Wine Bar circuit ( very rock and roll ) my burgeoning family led me to abandon the life of a rock legend and our paths crossed occasionally until March 2002 when we heard about John's illness and got back in touch. From that time we were weekly visitors wheeling him around supermarkets and shopping centres and taking him for occasional day trips to exotic locations such as Frinton-On-Sea and Whipsnade Zoo.

John was an important part of our life for many years. Apart from enjoying his company we felt that his ability as a song-writer and performer was perplexingly under-recognised. We hope the forthcoming events will help to spread the recognition of his skills.  

Enough of us - I just felt we should establish our credentials for those who don't know us. Please use this site as a means to learn a little more about John and stay up-to-date with the developing plans for the next two volumes of The John Close Songbook...

Pete & Di Grove